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Dr. Disco is a specialized record store in Mexico City. With a curated selection of white labels, disco classics and collection editions, Dr. Disco aims to get to music lovers and professionals within the media, including DJs and producers. We knew this market has a taste for old school trends and physical products, so each print application in the purchase experience is very important – From the receipt to the shipping box, all was carefully designed and thought. We designed a variety of letterings and a mascot inspired by vintage graphic design to then combine them all in a set of different marks, shapes and actions that fit different media.  We also took in consideration the Dr. Disco consumer has most probably a very active night life, so related merchandise like rolling papers and matchboxes were made to promote the store in a casual and appealing, and useful way. 


Israel Hernández

Motion Graphics

Enrique Cortínes

Set Photography

María Ramírez Echavarría

Store Photography



January 2018





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