Mariela Mezquita has a pragmatic way of solving communication problems but she likes to have fun while doing so. Having a bit of both worlds has given her a unique way of approaching each project, setting goals straight while coming up with an attractive visual concept.

She develops unique and receptive solutions for projects requiring visual systems or languages that come across a fair amount of print and digital applications. She now runs her own small team in Mexico City and has also kept to work among a wide range of creatives.

To be responsible with the Earth and the things living in it, she actively encourages the conscious use of durable materials, local processes, community making and keen, quality communication.

Mexico City




Art Direction




Mariela always knew she wanted to dedicate her life to a form of creative visual expression. Thanks to a very supporting family, she was able to explore many ways of doing so since a very short age, whether it was painting, photography, poster making, origami, lettering and calligraphy, book binding, or any craft that involved a pencil and a piece of paper. Her favorite birthday gifts were always bought at the local office supply store and her markers would always dry out because she would not use them for the fear of them running out of ink.


In 2019, after working as a freelance graphic designer for 2 years, she decided to focus on branding and start her own creative studio (and to never let a marker dry out again). What she loves about this career is that it allows her to practice every form of expression she has learned in the past. Each project requires a different set of skills, and each client is a world that needs to be decoded and understood. The day–to–day is ever changing and it never gets boring. Most importantly, her work as an art director has given her the chance to support the projects and the ideas she believes in by doing what she loves.

Portrait by Camila Rodríguez

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