Tiempo De Cosecha

Tiempo de Cosecha (TDC) is a Mexican brand specialized in selling fresh herbs and derived products. They approached us because they were facing a problem with their prior branding: people would not remember the brand even though they had already consumed it. 


We wanted to resemble outdoors, landscapes and the country life, so we created a memorable logotype of a man picking up crops accompanied by a cursive typeface. The product name is what stands out the most in the packagings since most consumers are mid aged households that just want to buy a specific type of herb without having to pull out their glasses in the middle of the store. 


TDC's range of products is wide and tall: fresh herbs, dressings, beverages, seasonings, sauces and bread, summing up to more than 50 products. 

Art Director

Mariela Mezquita

Jr. Design

Yareli Denis

Product Photography

Mariela Mezquita


March 2020